Browser Help

If your browser is not displaying the Well-Being Index correctly (missing icons and graphics) it may be from security settings set in your browser or by your organization. If you are not able to update the settings in your browser, your organization may have security policies in place that would have to be updated by them.

Fixing Display Issue In Internet Explorer
Fixing Display Issue In Other Browsers
Screenshot of Well-Being Index with display issues in Internet Explorer 11.
Example of display issue in Internet Explorer 11.

Fixing Display Issue In Internet Explorer

  1. Go to the "Cog" icon and click on "Internet options". Select Internet Options from the Internet Explorer cog icon.
  2. In the dialog go to the "Security" tab and make sure the "Internet" zone is selected. Then click on the "Custom Level..." button. Internet Options Dialog
  3. In the settings area, scroll down to "Downloads" > "Font download", and then check the "Enable" radio button. Press "Ok" on this dialog and the "Internet Options" dialog to save the settings. Custom Security Settings Dialog
  4. Reload the page and the icons and graphics should be fixed. Should look something like this: Screen shot of Well-Being Index without display issues

Fixing Display Issue In Other Browsers

If you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, or a different browser then use this list to check various areas that may be causing the issue. After checking each one and making changes, try refreshing the page and see if it displays correctly.

  1. Check for any installed extensions/plugins like NoScript, uBlock, or any blocking plugins. Try temporarily disabling the extension to see if that is causing the issue. If the extension has a whitelist try adding to it.
  2. Check for any anti-virus software that has website or browser monitoring. Try pausing this feature on the anti-virus software and test the site again. If it works, then see if the software has a whitelist and add to it.
  3. Check for any firewalls on your computer that may be blocking. Try temporarily disabling the firewall and test the site to see if that fixed it. If it works, then see if the firewall has a whitelist and add to it.
  4. Your organization may have a network-wide firewall in place that could be blocking font downloads. You would have to contact the I.T. department at your organization to see if they are doing any blocking. If possible have them add and to the firewall's whitelist.